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About Kaaryin

Kaaryin, a digital education platform from Chennai, India headquartered Technology Company - Live Tutor Solutions (P) Limited, is built to give a robust ecosystem on the cloud for anywhere anytime learning. After extensive R&D and implementation of over 4 years since inception in 2013, the final platform of Kaaryin was the resultant of not just the hard and smart work of several software professionals, but also involved academicians, faculties, students, parents and other education and learning stakeholders.
Live Tutor, the company that owns the Kaaryin platform, is promoted by experienced professionals who previously had held C level positions with transnational and multinational corporations in the US, Europe and Asia and delivered several transformational projects and products. Live Tutor currently has presence in the US, UK, and operates through partners in Malaysia and China.
Several educational institutions and learning centers are currently using the Kaaryin platform, in addition to few of the State Education Departments in India and Overseas.
Kaaryin is World’s first platform where education happens totally online, more importantly handles multichannel delivery including Broadband, OTT, Cable and Satellite TV. Students can learn from Anywhere, Anytime using any of their devices like Laptop, Mobile Devices and TV. Kaaryin provides One to One Attention to the learner at one to many costs, helping Students learn at own pace and own way. The platform brings classes to students and provides real classroom experience as opposed to current eLearning and video conferencing solutions. A truly an online education platform, Kaaryin facilitates two way live interactive classes, between students and faculties like a normal classroom.
   Online Live Interactive Courses – Kaaryin MLOC
The cloud enabled Kaaryin platform empowers students to interact with faculties in different geo locations, live online from any devices such as Laptops, PCs, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. The interaction can be through video, audio or chat over internet.
   Massive Open Online Courses – Kaaryin MOOC
Kaaryin supports recorded sessions with appropriate content provisioning. The students can log into these MOOC courses anywhere, anytime and learn at their own pace and own way.
   Learning Management System – Kaaryin LMS
Kaaryin comes with a comprehensive Learning Management System that tightly integrates all aspects of learning. Kaaryin LMS helps the users in content management, sharing and collaborative learning.
   Kaaryin Support
   Anytime, Anywhere Learning
   Content Provisioning including eBooks, Videos, Quizzes etc.,
   Innovative Technology driven Tests and Assessments
   Personalized reporting and user experience for students and teaching faculty
   AskGuru, our Mobile app for Interactions
   Live / Recorded courses delivered through BoardBand, Cable TV and OTT